#FEYST14 kicks off 11Oct-15Nov 2014!
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FEYST11 Festival Programme

6 May @ Pavilion KL  (outdoor)
10.00am  Media Registration
11.00am  Opening Ceremony Officiated by Guest of Honor, Ambassador of Sweden and officiated by Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur
11.20am  Opening Performance
11.30am  Press Conference
11.45am  FEYST Innovation Challenge (Flag off)
1.00pm    Emcee Announcement
1.10pm    Ten Thousand Talents
1.25pm    Fun & Games
1.40pm    Video on FYEST
2.00pm    Fun & Games
2.10pm    Handle With Care
2.30pm    Tasya's Ink
3.00pm    Frinjan: Slash Shoot (Dance)
3.30pm    Fun & Games
3.40pm    Classmates
4.00pm    Video on Swedish Innovation
4.10pm    Fun & Games
4.20pm    Ashes of Scarlet
4.40pm    Stubborn
5.00pm    Exorage
6.00pm    Video on FEYST
6.10pm    Frinjan: Spritz!!
6.30pm    Subculture
6.30pm    GO.esc Casual Games Challenge (Angry Birds)
7.00pm    Frinjan: Slash Shoot (Dance)
7.10pm    Video on Swedish Innovation
7.20pm    DD Chiptune
7.40pm    Casual Games Challenge
7.40pm    Round Robin
8.00pm    A Ruthless Cleansing
8.20pm    Video screening of DreamHack
8.30pm    Shh...Diam!
9.00pm    Car Crash Hearts
9.30pm    Frinjan: Mikrobotmen
10.00pm  END

7 May @ Pavilion KL  (outdoor)
10.00am  Registration
10.15am  Emcee welcome
10.30am  DoppelgangerKL Open mic
(sign up on the spot!)
11.30am  Fun & Games
11.45pm  Video on FEYST
12.00pm  Malaysian Beat-Box Challenge (Finals)

1.30pm    Phlox
2.00pm    Instake
2.20pm    Silvergun Superman
2.40pm    Dichi Michi
3.00pm    Bliz
3.20pm    Tres Empre
3.40pm    GO.esc Casual Games Challenge (Angry Birds)
4.00pm    Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
4.20pm    Auburn
4.45pm    GO.esc Casual Games Challenge (Angry Birds)
5.00pm    Crossing Boundaries
5.20pm    BeforeAfters
5.40pm    Frinjan: Sunday Carousel
6.00pm    PESAWAT

6.20pm    Special screening of music video: "EXCUSE ME" by Pesawat
6.30pm    THE HARVEST
7.00pm    GO.esc Pro-Gaming Showcase
7.20pm    Beatburns
7.40pm    The Otherside Orchestra
8.00pm    Tilu
8.30pm    SAM KUMAN
9.00pm    GO.esc Pro-Gaming Showcase (CS1.6)
10.00pm  End

8 May 2011 @ Pavilion KL (outdoor)

10.00am    Registration
10.30am    Fun & Games
12.00pm    DoppelgangerKL Open mic
1.30pm    Maleena
2.00pm    Angie Lym
2.20pm    The Tick
2.40pm    The Zipper
3.00pm    Sweden Malaysia Cultural Exchange
3.30pm    Fun & Games
4.00pm    Ady Suwardy
4.20pm    Frinjan: Amirah Ali
4.40pm    Frinjan: Wani Ardy
5.00pm    Irma Seleman
5.20pm    Dzamira Dzafri
5.30pm    Reza Salleh
6.00pm    Azmyl Yunor
6.30pm    The Harvest
7.00pm    GO.esc Casual Games Challenge (Angry Birds)
7.20pm    Ariff AB
7.40pm    Frinjan: Mohd Jayzuan
8.00pm    Frinjan: Beeha
8.30pm    Bo Bedroom Sanctuary
9.00pm    GO.esc Invitational Showcase Tourney (CS1.6)
9.30pm    Prize Presentation & Closing Ceremony
10.00pm  End

8 May 2011

FEYST MUSIC FORUM @ Rainforest Sports Bar, Level 4, Pavilion KL 


2.00pm    Registration
2.10pm    Welcome Introduction by Jasmine Low, Forum Facilitator

2.20pm    Video Presentation on FEYST

2.30pm    Patrik Larsson, Headlock Management (Stockholm)

3.00pm    Hardesh Singh, Popfolio.net (KL)

3.15pm    Zulhabri Supian, Pekan Frinjan (KL)


3.40pm    Caroline Ekstrom Larsson & Linus Darland, Pesawat (Stockholm)

4.00pm    Jeremy Little, Laguna Music

4.20pm    Jipie, Pesawat / Pramugaru Music

4.40pm    Panel Forum including Reza Salleh, Bo Amir Iqram, Farah of Shh...Diam! and more.

5.00pm    Close

The organisers regret to inform you that due to a Manchester United Game,

the venue host has declined to proceed with the After-Party Gig. Therefore, we shall

postpone this gig until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

8 May 2011

FEYST AFTER-PARTY @ (Note: Venue change - postponed)


10.00pm    Shh.. Diam!
10.30pm    Goodbye 20th Century
11.00pm    Free Deserters
11.30pm    Pesawat (tbc)

12.00am    Lightcraft

12.30am    Close

9 May @ No Black Tie   

Sweden Malaysia Collaborative Gig & LIVE RECORDING
RM30 cover

Tel: 2142 3737 to book

8.00pm    Registration
8.30pm    Emcee welcomes all
8.45pm    Dzamira Dzafri
9.00pm    Izzy Mohd
9.20pm    Bo Bedroom Sanctuary
9.40pm    Zalila Lee
10.00pm  The Harvest
10.30pm  - Break -
10.45pm   Liyana Fizi
11.10pm   Jerome Kugan
11.35pm   Reza Salleh
12.00am   The Harvest
12.20am   Collaboration
12.30am   Close